How to Juice Wheatgrass

There are 2 types of wheatgrass juicers: manual and electric. Manual juicers will work just fine, however if you are serious about juicing wheatgrass on a daily basis, I recommend investing in an electric juicer. Manual juicers require extra time and physical labor.

Our family has used a MJ-550 wheatgrass juicer for about 8 years with great results.
MJ-550 Wheatgrass Juicer
After numerous years of service, it finally gave out. I now use the Omega 8003 Nutrition Center. Read my full review with pictures of the Omega 8003 Nutrition Center.
Omega 8003 Nutrition Center

About a quarter of a wheatgrass flat will yield the recommended 2 ounces of juice. The first few times you juice, pour it into a measuring cup to see how much exactly was extracted. This will help you gauge how much wheatgrass you will need to use for your juicing.
Wheatgrass Flat

Note: Be sure to wash everything the wheatgrass juice touched. This includes your juicer, sink etc. Wheatgrass is hard to wash off once it dries.

Also, try not to eat anything 30 minutes before and after juicing. Let the juice have access to your body without any other interferences.