Video: How to Grow Wheatgrass in Your Kitchen


You don't need fancy equipment, you also do not need lots of space. You can grow wheatgrass in your own kitchen.

Here are the materials that you need: Organic wheat berries. The video does not specify, but we recommend using hard red winter wheat berries. Organic is always the way to go. You will also need a sprouting tray, compost, dirt and Azomite fertilizer powder.

Soak about one and a half to two cups of the wheat berries for 12 hours. After 12 hours, drain it and rinse it. At this point, you are ready to sprout the wheat. Cover the bowl with either plastic or a towel and rinse it twice a day. The wheat will sprout in a day or two.

In our experience, the sprouting part is not necessary. You can soak the wheat berries and sprout them directly on the soil.

The video recommends using organic compost instead of regular soil. Pack the compost about one inch deep in your sprouting tray. Sprinkle some Azomite fertilizer powder on the soil. The fertilizer improves the nutrients in your wheatgrass and most importantly, it stops mold.

Put your sprouted wheat berries on top of the dirt. Put a lot of wheat on the dirt. Put as much so you do not see the soil anymore. Do not skimp since this will affect your yield.

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