Video: 6 Wheatgrass Tips - Part 1

The best technique is the one that works for you.
  1. How to get started growing wheatgrass - Get a kit to start with. Much easier to get going.
  2. Getting the best of both worlds - Continue ordering quality seeds online and purchase the soil from your local store. You will save lots of money.
  3. To soil or not to soil - You can grow wheatgrass without soil, but it is more forgiving to use soil. Especially if you under water or happen to over water.
  4. How to create a wheatgrass routine the ensures success - Grow multiple trays at a time. Create a batch process. You can then harvest all of it at once and put the juice in ice cube trays in the freezer. Thaw out one cube at a time. You can also freeze them in small containers. It is ideal to drink fresh wheatgrass, but this method is a good compromise. Also, be sure to cut the wheatgrass before it gets yellow.
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